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Why backups are the most important asset you own and how to protect that

It’s 2021, Covid19 has ravaged the world, the ways we think of working have changed radically, and someone now working from home where they can. Business data is now spread out over more and more locations and on even more devices. Files and paper are becoming less important (as they should be more eco-friendly ), and more and more critical business information is only in one place … on your laptop! We have our essential business presentations in PowerPoint, our budgets and forecasts in Excel, our important template letters and our strategies in Word. Then we have our designs, supplier contacts and excel sheets, customer lists, and records of meetings … our whole business depends on all that data.
What if one email to everyone in your company, seemingly a Payslip, triggered a Ransomware infection and encrypted all that data? Sure, you can reinstall all the laptops to get them going again, but where will all those vital Word documents, Excel sheets, design documents, supplier contacts and customer information be? What if your laptop with all your essential business documents got damaged and was unrecoverable?

Here are some critical questions to ask:
Do you have a daily backup?
Do you know that it is working?
Do you know what it is backing up?
Is the data from your cloud-based storage backed up?
Is the backup immutable (can’t be deleted by even your IT guy)?
When was it last tested to ensure it can restore?
What is the actual cost to your business if all your data is just gone forever?
Is the backup status monitored to trigger automated alerts for problems?
Does someone regularly check the backups?
Who is responsible for your backups?

If you are unsure of any of those answers, it’s time to get a professional to check your backups and make sure you’re safe.
Another vital aspect to note is that cloud storage solutions like OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud are not proper backups. They are great for sharing files and having a quick copy available online. Still, they do not follow the correct backup process of keeping incremental, daily, weekly and monthly copies of ALL the data, and they are not immutable. You can find that you need a file you deleted six months ago or a copy of something you changed three months ago, and now you can’t get it. There have also been cases where a previous staff member has created OneDrive accounts, and suddenly a credit card expires, or password is forgotten, no one can find that ex-employee, and you are in trouble.

You probably have an insurance policy, and they have probably asked about your backups. You ticked that you are doing them, and everyone is happy…. for now. When the day comes to claim they may ask more questions and you may find that cover is not going to save you from not having all your business data fully backed up.

Our best advice is that to get an IT professional to ensure proper backups is more important than what you spend on your insurance policy.

Contact [email protected] or 07 222 0091 today so Bit4Bit can review your backups and your IT security to ensure you business is safe no matter what.

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