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SentinelOne Tauranga?

Anyone in Tauranga looking to get SentinelOne? Proud to say we are now officially offering SentinelOne to clients in The Bay of Plenty. It is a super exciting product that stops unknown threats (viruses, hackers etc) in their tracks. If Waikato DHB had this product they would not have suffered days of outages. Certainly, SentinelOne protected many organisations from the Sunburst malware variant that was at the heart of the Solarwinds attack campaign that has been such a big wake up call for even the US government that professes to be so on top of these threats.

I first took note of SentinelOne about 2 years ago when I noticed their US$1 million guarantee offer to US clients …. now that is confidence in your product. Having used it for some time and kept a close eye on what it does, how they have faired in various test and in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, you can’t but be impressed. Traditional Antivirus products look like a VW Beetle compared to this Tesla Model S. They don’t seem to have stopped there, new innovations are coming out all the time, both behind the scenes and in new product options.

But what is the secret sauce that makes SentinelOne the best of next-generation AntiVirus products?

The technology that first got my attention was their ability to automatically roll back changes on a device after a threat was detected. If it got that far (and I will explain why it won’t) SentinelOne would detect the data on your drive being encrypted, kill the process doing it and roll back the changes it did manage to make.

The second thing that got my attention was their use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (machine learning). The product has been trained and now continues to train itself across a global network of installed endpoints all working together. Every time a threat is found, more is automatically added to the database that allows that threat (or anything similar) to be stopped earlier each time it manifests.

Of course, the development of a product like this never stops and they continue to work on it and add new smart new ways of finding threats before they cause problems. But one other awesome feature is that there are in fact multiple detection engines all running at the same time. With traditional AV products, there is one detection system. Here you have multiple teams within S1 working separately to develop algorithms to detect and respond to threats. Each one in its own right does a fantastic job in its own right… like the algo that spots the data being encrypted … will almost never get triggered, but if it does it’s there to protect you.

However one of the most amazing things about S1 is that it manages to do all this without slowing down your computer, that is certainly a further indicator that some very clever engineering has gone into it.

Wish you had it? Give us a call and we will get you protected from Ransomware and other threats in no time.

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