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Looking for IT Support Tauranga? You have come to the right place. We do Backups, CyberSecurity, AntiVirus, Data Recovery, repairs and more. We will even come out to your home or office anywhere in the Bay of Plenty.

The term IT Support is used quite widely and has a very broad meaning. There are loads of retailers that offer IT Support. In reality, they are providing pre-packages offerings that may solve an immediate problem. Still, in most cases, they do not have an understanding of your business, your long term needs or the full implications of what they are doing.

IT Support is so much more than just having basic technical knowledge. A good IT Support professional needs to:
. Quickly and easily understand the clients’ problem
. If possible, have a rapid fix that can get the customer working again until the more significant issue is resolved
. Comminicate well with the customer before, during and after the event
. Notice additional problems that exist and offer advice and solutions that would be of long term benefit to the client

If someone calls me up to have a look at an issue with their printer and I go over to fix that, I am going to notice things like;
. Their super-fast laptop is only connected to their Wifi at 2.4GHz, and won’t get the best speeds from their super-fast fibre
. Their free ani-virus is slowing down their computer. Rule #1 of AV, don’t use a free one, your better of just using the free Microsoft Defender that is built into Windows 10.
Also, don’t let the retailer sell you Norton… please! You will be bombarded with messages to buy their products and not just from Norton, but also from heaps of scammers who are trying to get on the bandwagon.
. They have not done Windows updates for 2 months, exposing themselves to more security risks
. They have five un-needed programs that popup when they first boot up
. They have a backup drive that was last written to 6 years ago!
. They have a 10 year old Windows 7 laptop they take to the batch. Obviously its not been updated because Windows 7 is end of life. The free AV they had has missed so many updates it hardly wants to work, and they plan to do important business banking on it while they are away.

You would hope I am exaggerating, but the above list is pretty common.

As IT Professionals, we have a duty to ensure our customers are protected and well advised on the risks associated with what they have. To do that, we ourselves need to have the correct skills and software tools to ensure we are able to fulfil that duty.

I am always amazed at how many IT Support professionals spend so much time on support calls to their suppliers. If you need to call Sophos to figure out how to configure a firewall you just installed, I am not sure you should have been installing it in the first place. One just can not take the chance these days with the number of security risks about.

That said, it is likely that successful IT Support professionals are excellent communicators and excellent salespeople. Technicals skills can come second because they can communicate their way out of a problem. The issue is how much longer does that take and what issues do they miss because the true techie on the other end of the phone from Sophos does not understand the HP Switch or even the Fuji Xerox printer. That leaves other issues lurking that will have to be fixed later on.

Tauranga is one of the fastest-growing cities in New Zealand and has a dynamic business environment. It is a fantastic place to live, work and start a new business. Our team has been providing IT Support here for over 15 years, give Meg or Anthony call now on 07 222 0091 to discuss your Tauranga IT Support needs.

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