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How-to outsource your IT support and make Your business more profitable?

IT Support is the silent hero in your business There is nothing worse than getting to work in the morning, switching on your laptop and it says “Working on updates, 10%…..” and that can go on and on and then perhaps a reboot and 2 coffees later you get to start reading the urgent emails you had to reply to.

Or worse still, you get a message that your Outlook license has expired, but your secretary who purchased the license is out for the morning and you don’t even have the login to see what has gone wrong with the renewal.

Or the worst of all, you get an email that says hackers got into your email, they give you your password and say they are going to active ransomware on all your office computers and release compromising information is you don’t pay up $25 000 by Friday. True story, but did you realise that password was one you last used 10 years ago on Linkedin and that email is sent as spam to thousands of people a day. Who did you call for help?

That is why Bit4Bit is here. We are your trusted guiding hand , working in the background to ensure you have the best possible solutions and your business IT runs smoothly so you can concentrate on what matters most to you and have the most productive day possible.


If your team is running a business and needs IT support, then you want to be sure to get experts in the field. IT support services and solutions in New Zealand are crucial to keeping your devices, software and systems running safely and at optimum levels. Every organisation has different technology requirements, some use cloud solutions, and business needs differ depending on business needs and priorities.

For larger organisations, a service desk team often provides a great way to provide technology assistance for hardware, software, data, website, email and other issues. The cost of a company having its own service desk is an issue for companies, and our advice would be to outsource this IT function to competent technical support company. Outsourcing this is of course ideal for smaller business in New Zealand.


So what exactly is Managed IT Support? In the typical IT support model, when something does not work or goes wrong you call for help. We call that the break/fix model. You only get charged when something breaks and needs fixing. The bad thing about this is that there is no pro-active thinking going into your IT resources and no Realtime monitoring for issues and threats.

A managed services provider remotely monitors and manages your IT assets on a proactive basis and would include constant remote management and monitoring of servers, routers, software, desktops and laptops.

A managed IT services provider (MSP) is most often information technology (IT) services provider that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to its clients either proactively or as the MSP (not the client) determines that services are needed

One of the major benefits a managed service contract gives you is peace of mind that vital policies are being complied with resulting in enhanced information assurance minimizing the threat of a cyberattack in your organization. In other words, we proactively ensure your safe from ransomware, viruses, hackers and other threats.

As part of that proactive approach, we have developed our own Internet Security Traning course . This is a comprehensive 4-hour course that explains the threats in a non-technical way so that everyone in your business can understand the issue is not just a technology issue, but one of trust. This is especially important for anyone dealing with areas of the business where losses could be incurred if goods or money are diverted to criminals or proprietary information and trade secrets are revealed, that could be sold to the highest bidder. Security is not just an IT issue and everyone has to be aware. This is also applicable to families at home and ensuring they are protected.


So why do we claim this makes you more profitable? There are 7 reasons

  • Preventing ransomware and other threats saves your business from reputational risk and from losses associated with downtime
  • Selecting the best technologies for use in delivering your business objectives makes you more productive and more professional
  • Easy budgets for IT expenses
  • No staffing costs for IT
  • We know how to keep costs under control and get the best deals
  • A single point of contact who knows all the aspects of your business saves time
  • We keep up with the latest innovations that can benefit your business

Give us a call today to start a new journey of understanding how we can strengthen your business and help you get ahead and stay safe in the year ahead.

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